Home Visits

Parenting is one of the most important jobs a person will ever do. Yet, being a parent can be a tough job. As a new parent, you create the foundation for your baby’s future. Research shows that what happens during the first three years of life can last a lifetime. Having your first child brings lots of changes. Every new parent has questions and can use some extra support. That is why Healthy Families is here.

  • Healthy Families is voluntary and free. Healthy Families offers information to families on:
  • Building a strong attachment and relationship with your baby
  • How babies grow, develop and learn.
  • How to care for your infant, including tips on feeding, sleep and safety.
  • How play helps babies learn.
  • How to keep your baby and yourself healthy.


You will learn about how to connect with other services for you and your family.

We serve families all across Clackamas County, Oregon.  If you don’t live in Clackamas County, click HERE to find the a Healthy Families program near you.

While we provide services to you and your family until your child is 3 years old, he or she must be under 90 days old (or prenatally) when your home visits begin.

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Call us at 503-546-6533.