Family Spotlight

Meet Patty, Alex & Elena: Our Most Recent Healthy Families Program Graduates.

Patty, Alex & Elena
I felt scared to tell my family I was pregnant, because I was young and worried how they were going to feel about it.

A screener from Healthy Families came to my hospital room and told us about this program…we felt we could use all the help we could get!

Dawn, who was our case manager, started visiting us while we were living with my father-in-law. I wasn’t working, and so this gave me opportunity to stay home with Elena. I still needed to graduate high school, and Dawn helped connect me to a school program which also had onsite daycare.

The program has also helped us learn positive ways to discipline Elena. Dawn helped us set goals which were important to us. I graduated high school, got my driver’s license and a job; and moved into a new apartment! So much of our success in reaching our goals was due to Dawn’s guidance, moral support and encouragement.

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